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‘Smart oilfield’ technology

All oil and gas operators, wherever they are located, would like to focus more of their budgets and efforts on improving productivity whilst at the same time monitoring their local and remote assets dynamically. This is only possible via the deployment of a truly ‘smart oilfield’ technology, able to provide all critical data in real-time without any downtime.

From a technology standpoint, the ideal solution would need to seamlessly connect all systems and hardware platforms across the various fields of operation, integrating exploration, drilling and production facilities, and ultimately delivering useful data and video streams to a central location, allowing the operators to make better and quicker decisions.

One of the challenges faced by the oil and gas industry is related to the fact that contractors and assets generally move from one location to another on a daily or weekly basis. Additional challenges are directly linked to environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures and frequent sandstorms. Providing uninterrupted service without the involvement of on-site technicians after the move of a rig or drilling platform, for example, is only achievable through the adoption of high capacity wireless platforms, such as InfiNet’s, which are able to auto-align and mitigate these challenges.

The main factors that will drive the further adoption of wireless technologies in this industry sector will be the increasing demand for smarter sensors/devices in the field, as well as the desire for managers to stay continuously connected with their valuable assets.

– Kamal Mokrani, global vice-president, InfiNet Wireless.

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