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Gương Nga is my Vietnamese name. It can be written "Guong-Nga" (a two-sound word) in English. However, almost people call me Nga for short ^^

/ɣɨəŋ˧˧ ŋaː˧˧/, you can pronounce such like that. In literature, it means "moon".  It is famous on The Tale of Kieu, an epic poem in Vietnamese written by Nguyen Du, from the 172nd sentence:

"Gương nga chênh chếch nhòm song,

Vàng gieo ngấn nước, cây lồng bóng sân."

translated into English version:

"A slanted moon was peeping through the window,

Gold rippled on water, trees shadowed the yard."

To be easy for my foreign friends, they call me Moon. Simple but Brighten ^^

Welcome to my page! I bet that you will be deep in the life of mind, then live a life bold and bloom in a never-end challenge.



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Thank you for looking at my page. Please feel free to contact me!


Tel: +84 987 081 504

Facebook: /guongnga212

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