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You Are Not A Robot: Stop Living Like One

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Some activities on daytime made my mind think of "robot" word.

Following Cambridge dictionary, robot means:

/a machine controlled by a computer that is used to perform jobs automatically./
/someone who does things in a very effective way but never shows their emotions./
/a mechanical device that works automatically or by computer control./

I found the article named "You Are Not A Robot: Stop Living Like One" by Naveen Kulkarni dated in Oct. 20th, 2011 on Really I agree with that author. Hence, I share it here to save and learn.

An illusion called stable Life

If we ask people what’s the life they want to live, most people would vote for a secure life.

People expect life to be absence of any kind of problems, a life which sails smoothly all the way, a life in which everything is happening exactly as they had planned. They look for a safe life. In other (their) words, a stable life. If I ask the same question to a freshly passed-out college graduate asking him what he want to do after studies? He usually says, he wants to secure a job as quickly as possible and within 5 years, he will have a stable career. He wants buy his own home after 7 years. He will even go to an extent that he will become a manager after 10 years. He can also predict what he will do after retirement. I say. Wow!!! He predicted the next 20 years. Not bad. Astrology, is something some people inherit, without their knowledge. This is not just case with college pass-outs, this is the same answer we get if we ask the folks who are in their mid-careers. Mind you, I am not at all saying that opting for a stable life is wrong. If you are fine with it, you can skip the rest of this article. But if you are not, then read further because I am going to discuss something extraordinary. And this article is for you. He can also predict what he will do after retirement.

Now, first of all , what’s a stable life? How do you define a stable life? Is it your job that makes your life stable? Is it your control over money that makes your life stable? Is it your capability of earning a constant income? Is it all of the above? What if any one of these go wrong? Suddenly you are unstable. Isn’t it true?

You see, people often follow other people, be it in studies or career. They believe, it’s the education that determines their success at life. They focus on marks, grades and numbers. You miss a half percentage, and your life is toppled.

Even in career, they (blindly) follow others. They will do what others did. They buy homes because others did. They fall in debt trap because others fell (but didn’t warn them).

Even after getting the job, people think that they will be in the job forever. They plan their next 5 years, 10 years and 20 years keeping job as focal-point.

Now, can you tell me what’s going to happen next year or next week or even tomorrow or even next moment?

You can’t predict what’s going to happen the very next moment with you.

So, most of the 5-year, 10-year and 20-year plans never work. Because they are just plans. In most of the cases they never happen.

You are much bigger than your plans

I want you to realize that you are actually much bigger than your plans.

Just stop living like a robot. And you will start experiencing the incredible things life has to offer. You don’t need to plan your whole life in advance. Just talk to yourself, what are you really doing and what you should be doing instead.

Who is judging your capabilities anyway?

Why do you think you can never create something awesome? Why do you self-conclude that you can’t start your own product? Why do you rule yourself out? Who is judging you? It’s none other than your mindset and self limitation judging you.

Time to break the wall of self limitation and come out of fear, comfort zones.

I have a great news for you

Look within.

Think about your strengths. What are things you are strong at? Do you specialize in something, in which others are not?

Do you have deep knowledge of something from which others can benefit?

What are you passionate about, because your passion can be your biggest strength.

Can you create something which is based upon your passions?

You can, if you try and take the first step. Because, you are no more a robot. Now, you see that you started questioning your decisions, started retrospection of yourself and your mindset has begin to change. Congratulations.

Create something – You in action, now

Take a paper and list down all the topics you’re knowledgeable. Also, mark few topics which really excite you. Can you create something now? You can, just join the dots.

Let me tell you a small example of mine. When I accepted my first website development project (which was for a temple), I didn’t even know what is HTML. I took it up because, I wanted to learn web development in real time. I wanted a challenging assignment. I spent time in learning, applying and finally launched the site. It has been 4 years now, that website is pretty popular and brought me lots of recognition.

Who knows, I may create something new tomorrow or may come up with a book or a software tool. I don’t know. And I love this uncertainty. It makes my life interesting.

Do you love singing? Why don’t you launch your own music album?

You can develop an iPhone app, an Android app.

Think crazy ideas and see whether you can implement one of those. If you don’t specialize any of the above, don’t worry. You can still create something new.

”Need is not always mother of all inventions. Sometimes you need to create the need“

Destroy the Robot within you

Destroy the robot within you called self limitation. That’s what holding you back from creation, achievement, fame. Stability is just an illusion. It holds us back from growing from inside. It ties your hands with fake limitations. It masks your immense potential.

You are very much human, who can breathe, smell, smile and most importantly, create.

Create something. Be awesome.

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