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Follow the rules

If you can’t follow even one simple rule, such as keeping your work area neat and orderly, or properly clocking in when you get to work, your boss is likely to take that as a sign that you’d find it even more difficult to keep the rules that do matter.

How can you show that you are a law-abiding employee?

Be aware of company policies

There’s bound to be an employee handbook or company manual that covers policies, rules and regulations that employees must abide by. Make it a point to read through it and know the finer points, because you certainly cannot argue ignorance if, at some point, you are called out for violating a company rule. Making the effort to learn about these policies and regulations will also put you in a positive light. Your boss will see this as a sign of commitment on your part about wanting to do good in your work while sticking to the rules.

Follow the dress code

This is another key characteristic of professionalism. Appearance may not be all that matters in the workplace, but it DOES matter to a certain extent, regardless of the actual work that you do. Even laborers and those who are doing manual labor have a prescribed dress code that they must adhere to, not just for purposes of safety at the workplace, but also as a member of the organization. As employees and workers, they are still representatives of the organization, and if you are able to dress properly, this will reflect positively to the organization.

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